Brave Push Notification Package (24,000 Clicks)

Package Overview

24000 Clicks

CPC Advertising

Text Ads

This package includes 24,000 clicks to your website at a cost of 50 cents per click.

Brave is a popular browser that specializes in protecting user privacy by implementing built-in firewall features and providing ad blocking. With over 18 million monthly users on desktop and mobile already using the service, Brave has made it easier than ever to browse privately with ease wherever you are.


The promoted product/website should be of a professional caliber:

  • No reference to guaranteed returns on the website or ad copy.
  • Pyramid schemes are strictly prohibited.
  • In order to produce a successful campaign, it's important that the project/product has strong credentials. The advertised project and team should be professional and have good reputation.

If your product falls into any of the above points, it will not be allowed  a Brave ad spot.

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